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March 17, 2023
Zenith Prep Academy
Boston, Massachusetts


Company is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area

(however the position is fully remote)

Who this is perfect for:

  • This role is perfect for a high performer who cares about their clients, is responsible, can plan their own days, and set their own schedule without direction. We are looking for someone who can proactively think, work, and care for their clients. In return, you will not be micromanaged, given freedom and autonomy (while not being left completely alone), while still having the support, training, framework, best practices, mentors, and help needed to exceed our clients' expectations and give them outstanding results.


Benefits of this role, Zenith Prep Academy, and our culture:

  • Set your own schedule - One of the largest benefits of this role is the ability to set your own schedule with our clients.
  • Take vacation days at your own discretion - There is no need to get approval from senior team members. We believe that hiring someone that is responsible, self-motivated, and devoted to their clients means that they also have the capability of determining when they need rest. If your clients are happy and achieving results, then you are free to choose which days you want to spend time with family, travel, etc.
  • Independence - You will be given a large amount of autonomy, independence, and freedom in your role.
  • High potential for growth opportunities - We've been doubling in growth year over year, so there is plenty of opportunity for rapid growth/promotion, and we believe in promoting internally.
  • Strong support team - We ensure all team members are given every opportunity to succeed by providing the necessary resources and support to be successful.



  • Strategy meetings with students/parents: Meet with families on a consistent basis to discuss the student's past progress and set 30, 60, 90+ day goals, review upcoming deadlines, and track the status of their deliverables.
  • Offline support for families: Track and assist the students/families with deliverables/deadlines that your students are working on (projects, applications, competitions, etc.).
  • Respond in a reasonably quick timeframe to clients regarding questions and requests
  • Advise students on their academic & extracurricular/summer program choices and conduct occasional check-ins on their progress.
  • Review summer applications and college applications: review essays, check admission requirements, track deadlines, and project manage timelines.



  • Ability to work on weekends consistently - Because our clients are working parents and students, a majority of your meetings will be on the weekend. However, you will have the flexibility to choose when you start/end work each day and which days you want to have meetings (for example, you can choose to have Monday and Tuesday as your days off, or if you want to have more meetings on certain weekends so that you have 1 or 2 weekends completely free, that's doable as well. It's up to you on how you want to structure your schedule.)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills - You will be managing different clients (students/families), all with different personalities, which will require clear communication and strong interpersonal skills since you will be a client-facing representative.
  • Exhibit strong emotional intelligence - If you are someone that gets along well with others and find it easy and enjoyable to communicate with people, then you would fit this role very well. This role requires a high degree of emotional intelligence and the ability to manage expectations in a firm but pleasant manner.
  • Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines - You will be advising clients on deadlines, applications, and projects so strong attention to detail, and being well-organized and reliable is critical for your success. Project management skills are required since you will be developing timelines for deliverables, managing due dates, and will need to adapt to changing priorities and client needs.
  • Commitment to the role long term - We are looking for someone who sees this as an ideal fit for their life and lifestyle and has the intention of doing this for years to come. We will invest a large amount of time to train/mentor you for the role and have every intention to continue promoting you internally.
  • Ability to learn quickly - This role is ideal for someone that enjoys learning/researching different topics and can do so efficiently, independently, and confidently. We are specialists in STEM, Business, and Healthcare, so you will gain a tremendous amount of insight and understanding in those fields.
  • Commitment to honesty & integrity - We've built an incredible amount of trust and credibility over the last 13+ years and given how important our role is to the families/students we work with, we hold everyone on our team to highest levels of honesty, integrity, and accountability.


Highly preferred:

  • Bachelor's degree from a Top 50 college or university
  • Previous college consulting/counseling experience and/or experience in an admissions office
  • Experience in tutoring, teaching, or coaching 6-12th graders
  • Experience working with parents of 6-12th graders
  • Previous experience in a role working with students/parents or that involves account management/project management
  • Background in Engineering (Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, etc.), Business, or Healthcare/Sciences



Zenith offers extensive training for those of you that are new to the industry/position. Over the past 13+ years we have perfected our framework and formula for successfully working with families - keeping our clients happy and helping them achieve outstanding college results. You will never be left alone, without support, or wondering what to do next. Our team and frameworks/formulas/best practices that we will share with you means you will know what to do at all times.

You will have all of the preparation needed and will learn how to guide each meeting, manage your students, and succeed in every part of your role. Our intention is to set you up for success and give you a reason to stay long term - all you need to do is bring your communication, project management skills, and be willing to learn.


$70,000-$95,000 (based on experience)


Zenith Prep Academy has a 13+ year track record as leading college admission experts and offers a selective, advanced mentorship program for students looking to pursue business, engineering, and healthcare/sciences and has served thousands of students from around the world.

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